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Our Business

Aventur Partners is a venture capital and business advisory firm with a distinct vision for business development and growth as well as a passion for supporting innovation. We are unique in that we are both developing our own business ideas while at the same time assisting others to develop theirs. As experienced and proven public company entrepreneurs and executives of companies that we have founded, grown substantially through capital formation, organic expansion and acquisition, we seek opportunities to help other business visionaries in areas related to our expertise including financial services, real estate finance, investment management, software development and technology systems. Our goal is to use our expertise to start our own new businesses and, at the same time, advise others on successfully developing and growing their new or existing business ventures. Our collaborative approach and experienced team offers our clients individualized flexibility in ownership and structure for each organization. We believe that in every environment there are opportunities to forge, enhance and grow new or stagnant businesses. With our keen insight, depth of expertise and comprehensive history, we can help you find the path to success.

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