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About Larry Goldstone

Larry Goldstone

Larry Goldstone

Chief Executive Officer and President


Mr. Goldstone relocated to the Southwest in 1974 to earn his BA at New Mexico State University and his MBA at University of Arizona. A transplant from the east coast, Larry quickly became enchanted with southwestern desert living. After spending time in Arizona, southern New Mexico and California, Larry and his family finally settled in Santa Fe, NM in 1992.

It was in Santa Fe that Larry found a unique opportunity to capitalize and Co-Found a new REIT and mortgage loan origination business - Thornburg Mortgage. Under Larry’s leadership, what began as an idea grew into a highly successful NYSE listed Fortune 1000 company.

An avid golfer, runner, hiker, cyclist and skier, Mr. Goldstone enjoys taking advantage of the great natural beauty and temperate climate of Santa Fe. He has also found “the city different” to offer ample opportunities to support his passion to pursue diverse and challenging professional endeavors. In short, being a member of the Santa Fe community on both a personal and professional level allows Larry to enjoy “the best of both worlds.”

Board of Director Appointments:

Moving People Dance Theatre - President of the Board
Moving People Dance Centre and its educators are committed to offering an exceptional dance education to any individual who seeks it. We strongly believe that nurturing students' individual potential as it presents itself throughout the course of their training is an essential part of facilitating a young artist's growth.

High Desert Discovery District (HD3) - Founding Board Member
HD3 is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to identifying and commercializing technology projects in New Mexico. HD3 provides a forum for entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators and technologists to be heard and their discovery to be understood by a highly-experienced group of business strategists, successful entrepreneurs and management executives seeking to contribute their own knowledge and experience toward the improvement of the New Mexico entrepreneurial economy.

Desert Academy - Finance Comittee Member
Desert Academy is dedicated to academic and personal excellence. We provide a quality college preparatory education in a diverse school community, which values individuality and character, promotes self-confidence, and fosters global understanding.

Chabad Jewish Center - Advisor
Chabad Jewish Center of Santa Fe offers community and learning for Jews of all levels of observance and experience. As a member of the international Chabad-Lubavitch movement, our goal is to provide for the spiritual, intellectual and emotional needs of all Jews in Santa Fe, through meaningful and joyful participation in the full spectrum of Jewish life.

Community and Charitable Organizations:

United Way of Santa Fe County - Alex de Tocqueville Society Member
The Santa Fe Children’s Project (SFCP) is an innovative community development initiative of United Way of Santa Fe County. The SFCP seeks to strengthen families, and the whole community.

Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity
Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity promotes affordable home ownership for Santa Fe area residents by constructing simple, adequate houses through the cooperative efforts of volunteers, partner families, donors and staff.

Santa Fe Community Foundation
The Foundation supports nonprofits through grants, training and advice (technical assistance), connects donor interests with community need, builds philanthropy in the community and is an authority on the nonprofits in Northern New Mexico.

New Mexico Community Foundation
The New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF) is a statewide endowment building and grant-making organization that serves and invests in New Mexico’s communities and their greatest asset . . . people.

Company Ownership and Partnerships:

Aventur Partners - Chief Executive Officer and President
Larry Goldstone is Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of Aventur Partners. Mr. Goldstone oversees the company’s overall strategic direction and business activity and is involved in investing in and developing businesses that the company believes have potential. At present, the company has four businesses that it is currently developing; Aventur Mortgage Capital LLC, UC Charting Solutions LLC, Technology Solutions NM LLC, and Blue Aspen Capital LP.

American Country Collection (ACC) - Majority Owner
Mr. Goldstone is also the majority owner of American Country Collection (ACC) furniture located in Santa Fe, NM.  ACC is an award-winning home furnishings and interior design retailer that is committed to bringing their clients the best quality, taste level, and value available in the home furnishings marketplace. By bringing cutting-edge, innovative, beautiful design to their vibrant, arts-focused community, ACC aims to enrich their client’s lives by enhancing their home environments.

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